Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pimp My Blog

Today I've decided to personalize my blog, (since writing in it isn't personal enough-he he he). Not that I have had much a chance to write in it lately.

So this hipster polka dot blue template will morph into something of my own very soon. I just can't stop designing lately. Angela inspired me to start posting again since she had begun updating a new blog. She was nice enough to let me redesign the polka dot blue template into something a little more fitting and she found a cool picture to use for the background. Check out Angie from the Block's new blog: Cheap Cheep

I can't wait for some downtime to finish designing my lizardloungesound site, and to update the look of my djpressplay site and do some Flash work for it. And someday in the future when I have a solid place to call home, I will design/print my own business cards.

I'm psyched for my trip to Trader Joe's at 5pm tonight. A new one opened in Peabody Mass and I have a mission to run. I like missions. Then I have to get home and do laundry and pack for my fun weekend, oh yeah, and pretty up this blog site!

Today's 5 Senses Report
See: The bright sunshine beckoning me through the window behind my computer monitor.
Hear: Today I dug up a few old cds to listen to at work: Kula Shaker's K, Veruca Salt's American Thighs, Tricky's Pre-Millenium Tension & Maxiniquaye, A Life Less Ordinary Soundtrack, and The Wedding Singer Soundtrack.
Taste: Hmm...well I'm biting my fingernails for 24 more minutes until I walk across the street for a bagel.
Touch: My mouse and keyboards
Smell: Patchouli coming from somewhere or someone


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