Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ethan Frome Flashbacks

I haven't been on a Flexible Flyer in about 15 years. That fact made me extremely hesitant to go down a steep hill and around a sharp bend halfway down, for about a half mile of sledding fun down a driveway, covered in ice, with little to no snowbanks. On the walk up the road I thought to myself, isn't this how that woman was paralyzed in Ethan Frome?

I went down face first and attempted to drag my feet because I was chicken, but it was all ice and didn't help. It was so damn fast. I repeated this foolishness twice and thankfully escaped slamming into any trees but I won't pretend that when the sled hit probably 3omph or more I was fucking scared. My 50 year old roommate was less fortunate than me...she went off the road and into the trees, narrowly missed hitting a telephone pole, and received some nasty bruises and lots of little cuts on her face.

I think I'll go again when there are bigger snowbanks to crash into.


Blogger Pookie said...

I hope Bonnie's ok! Despite the danger, sounds like fun.

We got a whole .374 inches of snow/sleet the other morning. No sledding in Delaware - though I did slip and kind of slide out of the drivers seat of my car AND spill my coffee while landing on my ass. It was only 6:45 AM and I hadn't even made in the front door at work.

The day didn't improve from there. :oP

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