Monday, January 29, 2007


Whoo hoo! Today I finally went snowboarding. It's been 2 years. Last year I was really poor and the snow was pitiful anyway, so I didn't go.

So after more painting this morning, I checked out the Dartmouth Skiway, which was pretty inexpensive and had decent snow coverage considering this year's weather...though I won't pretend that it wasn't icy and that I didn't fall on my ass a few times...hard to grab an edge on ice. In a very graceful move, I fell on my butt right off the first ride up the chairlift. I always fall on the left side of my butt, and right now it really hurts.

I'm so happy I went though. I've missed the sensation of my legs burning. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when I ride my board, but I love being outside with a beautiful mountain view and criss-crossing my way down the mountain. I'm amazed that an uncoordinated clumsy person like me can somewhat excel at at this sport that requires good balance. It's definitely helped me learn about my center of gravity.

Yesterday's hockey game rocked by the way. Not often in hockey do you expect your team to score a tie-ing goal with only 18 seconds left in regulation. Then even better, go on to score and win in sudden death overtime.

I just finished cooking a pot roast and it's late and it's making my stomach growl.

Tomorrow is a big day! I am thinking positive, confident thoughts. I'm also thinking about how lucky my friend, Lori, is spending this week in St. John, Virgin Islands while I'm freezing here in Sharon. I wish I had a pet at least to help warm my bed.


Blogger Lori Miller said...

If you want to come with us next year, say the word. You're totally invited.

No, really. It's iguana heaven, you'd fit right in.

10:33 PM  
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