Friday, June 03, 2005

Birthday Gift Number 1 -- You Rock, Lori!!!

The Pookster is always trying to keep my breath fresh :) She's the ginger queen--I love ginger! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You provided the spiciest part of my birthday last night, literally.

I did not not end up at any bars...I ended up in the kitchen cooking up a peanut-butter, chocolate, marshmallow surprise house-warming gift for Angela.

Yesterday, feeling quite guilty after my day of eating glazed donuts and cheese danish, I decided to go for a long run down to Bayview Road and back via the sneaky, wooded Old Garrison Road/Path. (On a quick side story, I've never eaten a Twinkie...I mentioned this to my coworkers earlier this week after they were discussing Hurley's line in Lost about Twinkie's lasting forever. So technically yesterday, the first birthday presents I actually received were 2 packs of Twinkies, sweaty, icky Twinkies. They'd make a great picture sweating whatever it is they're sweating...I'll take a picture this weekend...I still don't know if I'm going to eat them.) Back to my run, which lasted about an hour and kicked my ass. It felt great. I need to start doing this about 3 times a week. But my shoes are old and suck. I might as well run barefoot.

As soon as I walk into the apartment, Hamer hands me a 4 pack of Boddingtons (he read my mind, scary), one of which I immediately crack open and swig...nothing like thirst-quenching beer after a long run! Water any one? Then he hands me a package from 1923 Reindeer Way in Delaware. This is Lori's very non-woodsy urban address...there are no reindeer in Delaware. Inside Lori's package are 2 tins of Ginger Altoids (zing, zing), 2 CDs by artists I've never heard of; Inara George and John Legend, and a card with this mysterious line: "One more item arriving by post, if it hasn't already, consisting of one bit of paper to be used in exchange for items pictured on the other bits of paper."

Lori, I am definitely curious...curious like my altoids....Thank you so much for your gifts!


Blogger Pookie said...

I'm surprized you didn't know about John Legend. He worked with Lauryn Hill (played piano on Doo Wop (That Thing) and Kanye West. His album is very good - fav track is #4.

Inara George I randomly heard on WXPN (bestest Philly station). Track #1 is my favorite, and they're all pretty good.

1:46 PM  
Blogger frau tuchman said...

happy belated b-day sarah. I am sorry I wasn't around to give you twinkies! How the hell are you?

11:59 AM  
Blogger Pookie said...

Did you get the rest of your present? (And an email from my parents, they were asking...)


11:03 PM  
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