Friday, August 05, 2005

Provincetown Days

To view more silly Provincetown pictures like the ones below, click here.

Look at my beautiful purse! I look so pretty as a mermaid.

Ricky, Angela, and I eating lots of fried full belly clams...YUM!

Our little friend, Scout, dolled me up in costume jewelry and sparkly makeup...She just wanted me to fit in with all the boys in town.

Angela decides she would like a job as a rollerskating Drag Queen!

Ta Da! I can set up a tent!

The view from Ricky's beach house where we stayed...Scout, my make-up artist, is looking for seashells and trying not to step on glass.

"Bring People Together"
Well we made it. All in all, Provincetown was fun, if a little gay-man-tastic. Lots of drama queens. I recommend bringing double the money you think you need because I bought hardly anything, 2 t-shirts the whole trip, and I don't know where the rest of money went. Probably the $25 parking ticket I received 4 minutes after they start metering in the morning. Next time we need bring our bikes! We also managed to help hook-up Wendy, a single woman we randomly met from Kentucky (there's a lot I could say about Kentucky but that would take up a whole post), with a very hot bartender...well we think we did...we're awaiting more details....

The Ani Difranco show was great too...we found a fun new artist, Erin Mckeown who opened for Ani, and Angela bought her record on clear vinyl and got Ms.? Mckeown to sign it.