Monday, December 26, 2005

Let the Games Begin!

Happy Holidays!
If there was one common theme amongst the gifts exchanged this Christmas, it was certainly that of "playing games."

Angela got me "Balderdash" which I absolutely love trying to come up with believable definitions for crazy words like "fricandeau".

She also got me "Tri-ominoes" which I've never played. I'm predicting our hockey playing friend Michelle (who loves Mexican Train Dominoes) will be over soon attempting to ruthlessly beat Angela and me.

From Angela's family we received "Cranium" which I've never played either. Oh and another relative gave us the "Worst Case Scenario Survival Game" which is cool because I was reading some national headlines briefly this morning, and the top headline was "Man punches shark"--and one of the trivia questions in the board game is what to do in a shark attack...and now I know that punch him in the nose and poke him in the gills is the correct answer. I'd be afraid if I tried to punch a shark that his huge mouth my get in the way and I'd lose my hand.

And I gave Angela this hard to find card game called "Dutch Blitz". It's a "vonderful goot time" to quote the package. Really it is fast moving as the word "blitz" would suggest, and inspires lots of swearing at your fellow players because you all play off of the same stacks of cards at the same we'll go to bed all angry at each other.

We'll have to play "5 Crowns" too, which I gave to Angela's's a rummy-based card game with a 5th suit (stars) and no number 2 cards and no aces.

Then there's my new favorite I learned just a few weeks ago--cribbage.

Sounds like it's time to end this post and play!


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Blogger Pookie said...

Hmmm. Beware of random people's comments that use the word "inquisitive" incorrectly. And don't get me started on incorrect comma usage.


10:58 PM  
Blogger amy said...

Uh... I kind of messed up one of the Dutch Blitz cards playing w/Angela last night. I snuck my card in under hers, while the one she was trying to put down folded like an accordian on top of my fingers. Whoops. I didn't realize it was such a new game and now I feel bad that it's all messed up because of me.

1:58 PM  

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